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Passes Pewter Bee

The next time you visit with us, look for a pewter bumblebee pinned on our shirts, tops or coats. Those who have seen this have asked us what that’s all about. We have the belief that there is nothing we cannot do if we give it enough time and persistence. It goes against our grain when we hear that “it can’t be done!” So, why the bumblebee?

According to the laws of aerodynamics (the rules of flight for the airplane) that industrious little bee should not be able to fly. Its wings are too small and oddly shaped for its overweight rounded body to fly. But, don’t tell that to the bumblebee. It just keeps on going and going, defying all of the conventional wisdom. We feel the same way. When we come across challenges we strive hard to overcome them for your benefit. It’s the recognition in providing a successful personal service, which fuels our ambitions. We thought it would be inspirational for others to learn about your own personal challenges and how they were successfully met by you.

On a periodic basis we will present a newsletter aptly titled The Buzz, which will present your story. Upon its publication we will present you with your pewter bumblebee to wear proudly. Never say that it can’t be done. When my children say that something is too hard to do, I explain that hard just means it takes longer to do, not that it can’t be done. We look forward to hearing your stories of enlightened growth while overcoming personal trials.

Sam's Story

Prior to Sam being a part of our dental family, he was very fearful of the dentist. Sam had terrible experiences in past dental offices that had caused him to neglect his smile. He became friendly with Marji Passes and after some time decided to give Passes Dental Care a try. After overcoming his fear and consistently coming in for his appointments, Sam achieved the smile of his dreams and we welcomed him into The Hive. Congratulations Sam!

Colleen Joins the Hive

Colleen’s Story

Colleen was very fearful of the dentist but she came into Passes Dental Care determined to get her work done! Congratulations Colleen on becoming a member of our hive, not only for coping with your fear of dentistry but for also completing a very large case with strength and courage! Welcome to The Hive…

Vadim with Dr. Passes

Vadim’s Story

One would have never thought that Vadim would sit through his appointment at the dentist. Before coming to Passes Dental Care, Vadim was known for going to his appointments and leaving the dentist before his appointment even began. Sometimes he would even just get out of the chair, while the dentist was talking to him, and leave the office. His fear of dentistry had gotten the best of him. Vadim became a patient of Passes Dental Care and he began to cope with his fear of dentistry with the help of our team. Not only did Vadim stay for his appointments, but he also finished and achieved his dream of a beautiful smile makeover! We would like to take this time to highlight Vadim’s accomplishments and conquering his fear of dentistry… Welcome to The Hive!

Ingrid Joins the Hive Ingrid Joins the Hive

Ingrid's Story

Ingrid had previously come to Passes Dental Care. Her story was that she was very fearful of the dentist and had trouble coping with her anxiety. Ingrid came back to our office, determined to face her fear of dentistry. We helped Ingrid feel as comfortable as possible, and she has been visiting our office for her appointments regularly. Congratulations Ingrid and welcome to The Hive!

fallon's story

Fallon's Story

Fallon didn’t always like coming to the dentist. In fact, she has had bad experiences going to dental offices in the past. After coming to Passes Dental Care, she began coping with her dental anxiety with the comfort of Dr. Passes and our staff. Fallon is at her prime with her oral health care and has been regularly keeping up with her visits. Congratulations for overcoming your dental anxiety Fallon and welcome to The Hive!

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