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Dr. Passes is a trusted expert in overcoming dental phobia. His eBook, Profiles in Dental Courage has everything you need to overcome your fear of the dentist once and for all. Through operating his own dental phobia clinic, he has figured out what works and what doesn’t work for dental anxiety patients and believes that everybody should have access to these life-changing secrets.

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    The next time you visit with us, look for a pewter bumblebee pinned on our shirts, tops or coats.

    What does this mean? We have the belief that nothing can’t be done. Or more simply, anything can be done. By the laws of aerodynamics, the industrious little bumblebee should not be able to fly- its wings are too small and oddly shaped for its overweight, rounded body. But that doesn’t stop them, so why should it stop us? Life is full of obstacles and challenges, but how you respond to them is the important part. We want to hear your stories of personal growth to feature in our newsletter, The Buzz! And let us reward your courage with a pewter bumblebee to display proudly.


    Monica's Story

    "Introducing the newest member to our hive, Monica J.. Upon finding out of her invitation of becoming a member of the hive, for overcoming her fear of dentistry, she said, “I always knew I had to go to the dentist. I always feared it, as many people do. At my daughter's insistence, I made an appointment. Of course I was hesitant and tried to find every excuse not to go. I sucked it up and went. To my surprise it wasn't as bad as I thought. I had to make another appointment and had the same hesitation but I went. I sat with Dr Passes and he really calmed my nerves for the up and coming procedure I was going to have. I couldn't have asked for a more reassuring consultation. Finally the day came. I was so anxious. I didn't sleep the night before. It was a wasted night of no sleep because every thing went perfect. The entire office took great care of me and everything went well and I ended up with a beautiful smile in the end. Thank you Dr Passes...”

    Theresa's Story

    Theresa had negative experiences with dentists in the past and her oral health suffered because of it. She was not comfortable with her past providers and her dental needs were not met. Theresa came to Passes Dental Care because her daughter was getting married and she no longer wanted to be ashamed of her smile. After her initial visit, Theresa has been keeping her appointments and maintaining her dental hygiene. She is confident and loves the way her teeth look and feel. Congratulations Theresa for overcoming your fear of the dentist! Welcome to the Hive!

    Isabel's Story

    For those that know Isabel, going to the dentist was an improbable event for many years. Her fear made her handicapped from taking care of her oral health and dental needs, that is until her husband introduced her to Dr. Passes’ book. After reading Profiles in Dental Courage: How to Completely Overcome Your Fear of the Dentist, Isabel made her initial visit to Passes Dental Care. Looking back now, one would have never guessed she had a fear because not only is she taking care of her oral health, but she is also coming in for her visits alone. Congratulations Isabel! Welcome to the Hive!

    Sam's Story

    Prior to Sam being a part of our dental family, he was very fearful of the dentist. Sam had terrible experiences in past dental offices that had caused him to neglect his smile. He became friendly with Marji Passes and after some time decided to give Passes Dental Care a try. After overcoming his fear and consistently coming in for his appointments, Sam achieved the smile of his dreams and we welcomed him into The Hive. Congratulations Sam!

    Colleen's Story

    Colleen was very fearful of the dentist but she came into Passes Dental Care determined to get her work done! Congratulations Colleen on becoming a member of our hive, not only for coping with your fear of dentistry but for also completing a very large case with strength and courage! Welcome to The Hive…

    Vadim's Story

    One would have never thought that Vadim would sit through his appointment at the dentist. Before coming to Passes Dental Care, Vadim was known for going to his appointments and leaving the dentist before his appointment even began. Sometimes he would even just get out of the chair, while the dentist was talking to him, and leave the office. His fear of dentistry had gotten the best of him. Vadim became a patient of Passes Dental Care and he began to cope with his fear of dentistry with the help of our team. Not only did Vadim stay for his appointments, but he also finished and achieved his dream of a beautiful smile makeover! We would like to take this time to highlight Vadim’s accomplishments and conquering his fear of dentistry… Welcome to The Hive!

    Ingrid's Story

    Ingrid had previously come to Passes Dental Care. Her story was that she was very fearful of the dentist and had trouble coping with her anxiety. Ingrid came back to our office, determined to face her fear of dentistry. We helped Ingrid feel as comfortable as possible, and she has been visiting our office for her appointments regularly. Congratulations Ingrid and welcome to The Hive!

    Fallon's Story

    Fallon didn’t always like coming to the dentist. In fact, she has had bad experiences going to dental offices in the past. After coming to Passes Dental Care, she began coping with her dental anxiety with the comfort of Dr. Passes and our staff. Fallon is at her prime with her oral health care and has been regularly keeping up with her visits. Congratulations for overcoming your dental anxiety Fallon and welcome to The Hive!

    Warm Welcomes To Ease Your Worries

    When you’re ready, Dr. Harvey Passes and the team of experts at Passes Dental Care will be here to help you overcome your dental phobia. If you’re interested in learning more about this or one of our many other dental services, such as Invisalign, cosmetic dentistry, or general dentistry, please don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions.

    Give us a call today at 516-916-5492 to schedule your appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!

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